The Foundation for Education-Development-Environment was established in Bolechowice, in Zabierzow Commune, Poland, in 2004. The objectives of the Foundation include education for children and youth, civil society development and environmental protection. The Foundation is registered under KRS(NCR) number 0000209264, and has the status of Public Benefit Organization. The Foundation is not engaged in business activities and its Board works voluntarily, without remuneration.

About Fundation

The Foundation for Education-Development-Environment was established in Bolechowice, in Zabierzow Commune, Poland, in 2004. The objectives of the Foundation include:

  • Education - education for children and youth. Primarily free educational and sports activities for students as well as cultural projects. In this field we issued a number of publications: pamphlets, books, calendars and more recently an educational board game. Until now, most of the activities were directed to the primary school students in Bolechowice but we also cooperate with the junior high schools in Zabierzów and Rudawa. We collaborated with the School Compound in Zielonka as well. The list of successful projects in this area is long, we invite you to browse through our projects.

  • Development - civil society development. Whenever possible, we try to cooperate with local authorities, local villages and the Commune Office (our representative participated in the evaluation of the Zabierzów Municipal Development Strategy). We also try to act more broadly, we completed the project supporting the local governments of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are also engaged in international cooperation, we invited school students from the U.S. and organized an exhibition of our students’ works in Camas (U.S.).

  • Environment - environmental protection. Whenever possible, we inform the local authorities on these issues, particularly the problem of garbage and grass burning in the protected areas (Natura 2000). We also organized and funded the functioning of ecological club in Bolechowice.


Secrets of Kmita Rock

A musical-theater-dance show presenting the legend of the Kmita Rock. This was a summary of the project "Secrets of Kmita Rock" in cooperation with the Zabierzów Commune. Two tours took place within the framework of the project: the Geological Museum in Krakow and Zabierzów. We organized also a painting competition "Kmita Rock in the Eyes of a Child

My hero's book

The "My hero's book" project, co-funded by the Municipality of Zabierzów, aimed to popularize reading among children as an alternative to negative forms of free time management. The project was addressed to pupils of classes I-VI of the Primary School in Bolechowice - partner of the Foundation.

The Science Festival

In 2009-2012, the Foundation was supporting the Science Festival in Zabierzów where scientific workshops were organized.

Older projects

Since 2003 the Foundation organizes ar least couple of projects annually. Details are available in our annula reports


Krystryna Kmiotek
Teaacher at Primary School in Bolechowice.

Agnieszka Jarzęcka
Teaacher at Primary School in Bolechowice.

Agnieszka Dulińska
Teaacher at Primary School in Bolechowice

Volunteers and freelancers

The Foundation co-operates with number of freelancers and volunteers


Financial reports:

All financial reports are publicized

You may found them under following link: -> here
Please search using KRS number of the Foundation: 0000209264


Foundation Edukacja-Rozwój-Środowisko receives 1% of the personal income tax declared by tax payers.

Targeted grants

Most of the funds come from targeted grants, acquired by the Foundation through participation in various grant competitions.


Another source of funds for the Foundation is sponsoring. We can raise funds from individuals and companies, which go directly to our bank account. The Foundation does not employ staff, the Board works voluntarily and most of the management activity is carried out free of charge. Only in the case of specific projects, when hiring of coaches, trainers, teachers is necessary, employment contracts are required.

Foundation for Education-Development-Environment Szkolna street 7 32-082 Bolechowice, Poland

Account number (IBAN): PL26 8591 0007 0030 0154 5906 0001


Our address:

Fundacja Edukacja-Rozwój-Środowisko
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